Classroom-based IT training course provided by an experienced practical teacher for participants from one and the same company. This IT training is provided in-company. The time of the training can be determined in mutual consultation, along with the topics to discuss. Then the entire group will go through these topics at the same pace. This is especially suited for groups with a common need for education, or for people who do not feel like anymore study load outside the training course. In-company training is available for both Office and IT professional training courses.


The advantages of In-company include attending a classroom-based training with a live teacher, guaranteed to go ahead, without additional time for travelling, where only what is required is learned, with a maximum link to the company situation, against a lower price per student than a training course with an open timetable. The more participants, the lower the price per participant.

Study material

The study material is determined in mutual consultation, but will mostly consist of the official study book and appurtenant virtual practice lab.


The price consists of an amount for the teacher per day (regardless of the number of students) and an amount for the study material (per student).

  • Teacher price per day for Office training course: € 795.-
  • Teacher price per day for IT-professional training courses : € 1,250.-
  • Price of the study material depends on the training course.(the price may be adjusted in case of the purchase of multiple days)

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