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Virtual Classroom Plus Microsoft IT training

The Virtual Classroom Plus Microsoft IT training form IT-University is a blended combination of self-education and classroom-based learning, where we use our virtual classroom for the classroom-based lessons. You will follow these sessions from the location that suits you best. Here below you can read how the Virtual Classroom Plus Microsoft IT training course is structured. This method of learning is ideal for everyone who wishes to learn in a flexible way, for less money, under the guidance of an experienced practical instructor. The Virtual Classroom Plus Microsoft IT training course is a full-fledged alternative for traditional classroom-based learning, only it is a lot more flexible and the cost is significantly lower.


A Virtual Classroom Plus Microsoft IT training course consists of the following components:
• Digital Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC) book;
• Virtual lab exercise environment (including the MOC exercises);
• Exercise questions and practice exam;
• Use of digital learning plaza Athena;
• 5 English-language virtual classroom sessions (20:00 – 22:00 hours Central European Time);
• Contact with teacher/instructor via e-mail between sessions.

Also available: the Virtual Classroom Plus – Extra version. The ‘Extra’ consists of:
• Video content of the training course;
• Microsoft exam voucher.

In practice, Virtual Classroom Plus means you learn through self-education and classroom-based sessions, led by an experienced practical instructor. During these sessions you will receive additional instructions, you will be able to ask questions and get into contact with fellow-course members, whom you will also meet when you log in to the digital learning plaza Athena. Through Athena you will have access to all content and exercises. You will be guided through the subject matter by your teacher/instructor and by the official course book. You will practice the course content in your own virtual exercise environment. With the exercise questions, you can test whether you have sufficient command of the course content. The practice exam will help you to determine whether you are ready to take the official exam. To an extent, you will learn at your own pace and in part, the virtual classroom sessions will serve as a big stick. The Virtual Classroom Plus Microsoft IT training course can be followed from any location where you have a computer with an internet connection at your disposal. All the content is in English. It is possible to have participants from different countries taking part in the sessions. The language of communication during the sessions will be English.

Virtual Classroom Plus IT training course has the following advantages:
• A significantly lower price than the traditional classroom-based training courses;
• Opportunity to learn where and when you wish to;
• Unlimited opportunity to practice where and when you wish to;
• Sessions led by experienced practical instructors;
• Exercise questions and practice exams that are a perfect preparation for the exam;
• Opportunity to ask questions from the instructor, both during the sessions and through e-mail between sessions!

The price per participant per session amounts to € 995.- excl. 21% vat.
The training course may also be paid for with 3 Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers.

You may also purchase:
Virtual Classroom Plus – Extra (see above) € 1,295.- per piece excl. 21% vat. (or 4 Microsoft SA Training Vouchers)
• One year subscription of the Blue Cable BASIC catalogue € 1,000.- excl. 21% vat.
(regular price € 1,950.- excl. 21% vat. | price only applies when purchased in combination with a Virtual Classroom Plus training course |
unlimited use of over 200 IT training courses during 12 months | more INFO)

For the coming months the following the Microsoft IT training courses are planned:


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