About New Learning

In 2011, IT-University introduced ‘New Learning‘ within the Dutch IT education market. New Learning makes it possible to learn MORE for LESS money, WHERE and WHEN this suits best. Research has shown that the companies that apply ‘New Learning’ show faster growth, require 60% less working time to learn and have an increase of 26% per employee in productivity. Therefore, ‘New Learning’ cannot be disregarded. However, how doe you approach this successfully? What are the pitfalls? How can ‘New Learning’ become a success? IT-University and its customers have generated a lot of knowledge through the years, resulting in IT-University becoming the best designated IT training institute to turn ‘New Learning’ a success within every IT-department.

Trends & Developments

‘New Learning’ is a lot more than merely eLearning. At IT-University, besides training videos, you will also have ebooks, a practice environment, exercise questions and practice exams, eCoach guidance, reports and free use of the IT-University New Learning APP at your disposal. Considering recent research among leading companies, the future of eLearning looks more positive than ever. Some of the highlights are:
  • Grow faster;
  • Innovate faster;
  • Have lower employee turnover rates;
  • Enjoy higher productivity per employee;
  • Are more environmentally-friendly;
  • Generate more profit.

Current state of affairs

Per 8-hour working day, about 38 minutes are lost as a result of poorly functioning equipment and networks, but particularly due to poor digital knowledge of the employees themselves as well. The total damage arising from this for the Netherlands amounts to 19 billion euros. This is evidenced by research carried out by the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Put a stop to Old Learning and choose for New Learning!!

The many technological developments make it possible to implement ‘New Learning’. The manner in which IT-University implements this is based on three questions:
  • WHAT do you wish to learn?
    (You only learn the missing knowledge you require);
  • HOW do you wish to learn?
    (Is it possible to use the learning form you like and suits you best?);
  • WHERE & WHEN do you wish to learn?
    (During or outside working hours or a combination of the two).
With the answers to these questions, IT-University will be able to provide a customized offer. We have a wide range of IT training courses and learning forms. You may think of classroom-based, In-Company and virtual classroom training methods or e-learning or a ‘blended’ combination of these.

New Learning is the solution

IT-University has developed a vision on New Learning. Here is a summary:
  • Because of the knowledge-intensive times we live in, we need to learn from the ‘cradle to the grave’;
  • The responsibility for this expressly lies with the learning individual;
  • We learn Question-based / Case-based / Project-based / Experience-based / Competency-based;
  • The learner is inquisitive by nature. The teacher must provide an environment fit for exploration;
  • ‘New Learning’ means new learning forms. Classroom-based learning is in decline;
  • The learner is increasingly autonomous in the learning process and determines what / how / where / when to learn;
  • The employer increasingly assumes the role of facilitator, because of the required knowledge level within the own organization, but also to have people commit and gain their interest;
  • Measure the result (certification) rather than the learning activity.
IT-University considers it to be its role to guide both the manager and the employee and make their lives easier with training concepts that fit within this vision.

How does IT-University implement New Learning?

We provide the following for the users of Microsoft Office:
  • Help in determining which MS Office skills are necessary per feature;
  • Free scan to tangibly measure these skills;
  • Content that links up with the outcome of the scan and the learning styles of the group;
  • Learning the missing skills based on self-tuition during or outside working hours;
  • Additional (in-company) teacher guidance when necessary;
  • Digital learning plaza with all required and functionality;
  • Exercises and practical assignments;
  • eCoach who guides the entire learning process;
We provide the following for IT-professionals:
  • Wide range of modern learning forms including much eLearning;
  • Practice-based eLearning by practicing extensively with the help of the virtual lab environment (which can be used to practice outside the training) supplemented with many exercise questions;
  • Measuring with the help of knowledge assessments and practice exams;
  • Access to the IT-University Online Academy including many training materials, knowledge groups, forum, chat, etc.
  • Intensive teacher guidance through chat/email
  • Study guidance by eCoach


Stop the ‘Old Learning’ and choose ‘New Learning’. Train only what is necessary, inside/outside working hours, in a way that is contemporary and a lot of fun, for considerably less money. When you calculate the costs of losing 38 minutes of work time, with an investment in an Office training (from € 115.-) or an IT-pro training (from € 295.-) this will be earned back in no time! Call us to discuss how the right training and the right form of learning can generate money rather than cost it. +31 (0)88 7800 900

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