This combination of e-learning and video instruction is the best in the market and a full alternative for classroom-based training. This is why we guarantee that you\'ll pass! The digital learning environment includes exercise questions and practice exams. You may start at any moment you wish to. This module prepares you for the corresponding exam. The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification provides course members with knowledge and skills that must prepare IT Security professionals for the CISA-exam. The subjects include: Systems Audit Process, Information Technology Governance, Systems and Infrastructure life-cycle Management, IT Service Delivery and Support, Protection of Information Assets and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.


This training course consists of the following components
  • the official eLearning course material (sent before the start of the training course)

  • video-instruction of all the study material (English) provided by an experienced practical instructor

  • instructor guidance through chat/email

  • knowledge assessment and practice exam

  • study guidance by your e-Coach

  • certificate of participation

  • pass warranty (money back if you do not pass the official exam) !!!

  • Also available (see bundle offer below)

    • Safari eBook cataloque (18.000 eBooks and 2.500 extra training video's)

    • Virtual practice lab for this course (these courses)

    The exam costs are not included.

    More details

      Module 1 - The IS Audit Process
      Module 2 - Risk Analysis and Risk Management
      Module 3 - ISACA Code of Conduct
      Module 4 - Performing an Audit
      Module 5 - IT Governance
      Module 6 - ISS and The Role of Policies and Procedures
      Module 7 - Risk Management
      Module 8 - Information Systems Management Practices
      Module 9 - Organizational Structure and Responsibility
      Module 10 - Project Management
      Module 11 - Systems and Infrastructure
      Module 12 - Business Application Development
      Module 13 - Application Controls
      Module 14 - Business Tools
      Module 15 - SLOC SDLC Demo
      Module 16 - IT Service Delivery and Support
      Module 17 - Information Systems Operations, Hardware and Software
      Module 18 - Enterprise Network Architectures
      Module 19 - Network Infrastructure
      Module 20 - IP Addressing
      Module 21 - Protection of Information Assets
      Module 22 - Access, Exposures, and Security
      Module 23 - Auditing the Physical Framework
      Module 24 - Crypt MD5 Demo
      Module 25 - Password Restrictions
      Module 26 - Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
      Module 27 - Recovery Strategies
      Module 28 - MinuteMan
      Module 29 - IP Subnet Calculator
      Module 30 - MD5sum

    Learning Form

    This e-Learning Pro Pack learning method concerns self-instruction where you may determine yourself What, Where, When and How fast you wish to learn. Especially suited for people who wish to learn at their own pace and only the parts they need at the moment they see fit. This requires some self -discipline. This e-Learning Plus package consist of high standard video-instruction of all the study material. This video-instruction provides the perception of the classroom, even though you are at home. The duration of the video-instruction is longer than the duration of the classroom-based training. You will receive more instructions! All IT e-Learning is accessible from the IT-University Online Academy. This contains a lot of additional functionality like virtual lab environment, knowledge assessment, practice exams, the e-Coach, contact with an instructor, forum with fellow course members, etc. In short: much guidance to make your IT e-Learning successful. This learning method is a full alternative for classroom-based training. Because of the quality, we warrant a pass. If you do not pass, you will receive your money back! Ask for the terms and conditions.


    The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification sponsored by ISACA ® has been the globally accepted standard among information systems (IS), audit, verification and security professionals since 1978. As Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) you are in a business-critical position, with the responsibility for the IT and business systems of your organization, to ensure that these are safeguarded, verified and protected.


    Course members must have:
    Experience in managing systems and networks. Preferably experience in managing networks of various vendors like Microsoft, Linux, Cisco, supplemented with the CEH V7 - Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Version 7 certification

    Learning Form

    11 dec 2020
    € 295,00

    Exam + Certification


    This training is in preparation for the following exams: ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor


    This training is part of (the) following certification track (s):ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor


    € 295
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