For this incompany training, we will determine in mutual consultation how many days are necessary to provide the knowledge that is lacking. This universal Linux+ training course is intended for IT-professional who wish to become more skilled in the daily management of Linux-clients and the fundamental control of server systems. Subjects that are included are knowledge of the instruments necessary to manage Linux-systems from the command lines to managing users, file access, software configurations, Linux-clients, servers and security.


This training course consists of the following components
  • classroom-based Incompany training course provided by an experienced practical instructor, certified for this training course

  • the official course material (handed out at the start of the training course)

  • access to your own IT-University virtual lab environment (which enables practising outside the training session)

  • self-instruction based on e-learning

  • knowledge assessment and practice exam

  • study guidance from your e-Coach

  • certificate of participation

  • More details

      Module 1 - Getting Started with Linux
      Module 2 - Linux File System
      Module 3 - Users and Groups
      Module 4 - Working with Files
      Module 5 - Scripting
      Module 6 - Printing
      Module 7 - Packages
      Module 8 - Networking
      Module 9 - Hardware
      Module 10 - Linux Kernel
      Module 11 - Processes
      Module 12 - System Services
      Module 13 - Securing Linux
      Module 14 - Pre-Installation Considerations and Installing
      Module 15 - Troubleshooting

    Learning Form

    The Incompany learning method is a classroom-based IT training course, led by an experienced practical instructor and with participants from one and the same company. This IT course is provided Incompany or at an (external) location chosen in mutual consultation. At a classroom-based Incompany IT training course, an experienced practical instructor will help you on your way. The time of training can be determined in mutual consultation The subjects to discuss will be customized to your needs. The entire group will discuss the same material at the same pace. This is especially suited for groups where the material is (relatively) new - tuned to the own practice – and which want to be set on their way Incompany, by a proper practical instructor. All the course members who follow a classroom-based Incompany IT training course will get access to our digital learning plaza Athena. This contains a lot of extra functionality like a virtual lab environment, knowledge assessment, practice exams, the e-Coach, contact with an instructor, a forum with fellow students, etc.


    IT-professionals who wish to become more skilled in the daily management of Linux clients and the fundamental management of server systems.


    CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and 12 months of Linux admin experience.

    Learning Form

    08 apr 2021
    € 1250,00

    Exam + Certification


    This training is in preparation for the following exams: CompTIA Linux+ Certification


    This training is part of (the) following certification track (s):CompTIA Linux+ Certification


    € 1250
    5 days
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    The price is exclusive of 21% VAT.

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    € 125

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