Virtual Classroom Plus means you learn through self-education and classroom-based sessions, led by an experienced practical instructor. During these sessions you will receive additional instructions, you will be able to ask questions and get into contact with fellow-course members.In this course, students will learn how to support the installation and configuration tasks associated with Windows 10. Students will develop skills that include learning how to install and customize Windows 10 operating systems. Students will also learn about the new Windows servicing model and methods for keeping Windows up to date.


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    Module 1: Installing Windows
    Introducing Windows 10
    Installation Options
    Requirements for Windows Features
    Installation Process and Media
    Upgrading to Windows 10

    Module 2: Updating Windows
    Windows Servicing Model
    Updating Windows
    Applying Applications and Windows Updates

    Module 3: Post-installation Configuration and Personalization
    Customize the Windows 10 UI.
    Configure device specific settings such as power plans and mobile device options.
    Use the Windows control panel and setting app to configure settings.
    Describe using Windows PowerShell.

    Module 4: Course Conclusion

    Module 1: Configuring Peripherals and Drivers
    Managing Devices and Drivers
    Managing Printers

    Module 2: Configuring Networking
    Configure IP Network Connectivity
    Implement Name Resolution
    Implement Wireless Network Connectivity
    Remote Access Overview
    Remote Management

    Module 3: Configuring Storage
    Overview of storage options
    Using OneDrive
    Managing Disks, Partitions, and Volumes
    Maintaining Disks and Volumes
    Managing Storage Spaces

    Module 4: Managing Apps in Windows 10
    Providing Apps to Users
    Managing Universal Windows Apps
    The Windows Store
    Web browsers in Windows 10

    Module 5: Course Conclusion
    Module 1: Configuring Authorization & Authentication
    Using Security Settings to Mitigate Threats
    Configuring User Account Control
    Implementing Device Registration

    Module 2: Configuring Data Access and Usage
    Overview of File Systems
    Configuring and Managing File Access
    Configuring and Managing Shared Folders
    Managing Security with Policies

    Module 3: Configuring Advanced Management Tools
    Configuring Tenant Roles
    Managing Tenant Health and Services

    Module 4: Hands-On Lab

    Module 1: Supporting the Windows 10 Environment
    Troubleshooting Windows
    Troubleshooting Tools

    Module 2: Troubleshooting the Windows OS
    Troubleshooting Windows Startup
    Troubleshooting Operating System Service Issues
    Troubleshooting Sign-In Issues

    Module 3: Troubleshooting Files & Applications
    File Recovery in Windows 10
    Application Troubleshooting

    Module 4: Troubleshooting Hardware and Drivers
    Troubleshooting Device Driver Failures
    Overview of Hardware Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting Physical Failures
    Configuring Group Policy Settings to Control Device Installation

Learning Form

You may follow a Virtual Classroom Plus session at a location of your choice. You need to have internet access for this. Especially suited for when you need to be productive for work during the day and you wish to learn in the evening (from home, behind your own computer). The Virtual Classroom Plus sessions take place from 20.00 – 22.00 hours. The Virtual Classroom Plus sessions of IT-University are a combination of self-instruction and classroom-based learning. Once a week you will participate in the Virtual Classroom Plus session. During the week in between you will do homework and exercises with e-learning support. The number of weeks lead time depends on the amount of study material, usually amounting to 8 weeks per exam. All course members who follow a classroom-based Virtual Classroom Plus IT training course will get access to the IT-University Online Academy. This contains a lot of additional functionality like virtual lab environment, knowledge assessment, practice exams, the e-Coach, contact with an instructor, forum with fellow course members, etc.


Candidates for this exam are IT professionals who perform installation, configuration, general local management and maintenance of Windows 10 core services. Candidates may also be familiar with enterprise scenarios and cloud-integrated services.


Learning Form


Exam + Certification


This training is in preparation for the following exams: MD-100


This training is part of (the) following certification track (s):MD-100


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5 days
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