With Office à la Carte you can compose a customized, personal Access 2016 training program. During this course you will use the application itself, which you need to have installed on your computer. Office à la Carte can be used as a separate e-learning, but is also perfectly suited to combine with one of the other MyOfficeSkills variants.


Characteristics and advantages Office à la Carte

As a course member you only learn what is necessary for the organization: very efficient and cost-effective;
• No unnecessary costs for lost subject matter or lost time learning;
• You will maintain optimal motivation, as you learn what is necessary;
• Excellent to combine with guidance from our Office instructor;
• For migration projects it is not necessary to compose homogenous groups;
• Option to choose from different instruction languages within one group;
• Evaluations and reports are available;
• A total of 12 months unlimited access;
• Learn at your own pace, in your own tim

eLearning Plus

This training course consists of the following components

  • it is possible to follow the course fully independent from your operating system (for instance on a computer with an older version of Windows and/or Office)

  • the solution runs in a "controlled" environment where during practice, the errors made will not affect the underlying platforms and applications

  • you will continuously be urged to carry out actions and try things yourself (reading, doing, learning)

  • in case certain tasks are unclear, the system will put you on the right track again

  • a total of 12 months unlimited access

  • available for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 in Dutch, English and French

  • Learn at your own pace, in your own time

More details

    In this training the following topics are covered:

    Overview of the different control resources (Controls)
    Advanced actions in main and subforms (Calculations based on the subform, multiple linked subforms)
    Linked tables
    Command buttons on a form and a start form
    Pivot table

Learning Form

With Office à la Carte you work live in the software, so it is required for this to be installed on your computer, With Office à la Carte you can set up a personal, customized training program based on your individual foreknowledge and training targets. Office à la Carte can be followed as separate e-learning but is also excellent to combine with instructor support in a group. System requirements • You must have Internet Explorer;• Local installation rights for ActiveX are required;• The Office application you wish to train must be installed on your computer.


Everyone who wishes to acquire all knowledge of Access in a simple manner.


Some PC skills are recommended.

Learning Form


Exam + Certification


This training is in preparation for the following exams: Microsoft Office Specialist exam


This training is part of (the) following certification track (s):Microsoft Office Specialist certification (different levels).


€ 115
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The price is exclusive of 21% VAT.

Bundle offers

€ 800

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