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When will I receive my study material?

In classroom-based training courses you will receive the study material during the first meeting. Additional material will be handed out by the instructor throughout the training course. For courses that start with self-instruction, the study material will be sent to the address submitted by the participant. This will most likely be the home address. Immediately after we receive payment for the training course we will send your personal log-in data for the digital learning plaza Athena, in an e-mail message. If the course consists of several modules you will receive the attached study material per module.

I have lost my log-in data for ‘my IT-University’. What should I do?

At the  IT-University Online Academy log-in page you can apply for the password again by clicking on the button ‘Don’t remember your password?’ If you still have trouble logging in, send us an e-mail, we will be pleased to assist you immediately.

I have lost the log-in data for the IT-University Online Academy. What should I do?

At the  IT-University Online Academy log-in page you can apply for the password again by clicking on the button ‘Don’t remember your password?’ If you still have trouble logging in, send us an e-mail, we will be pleased to assist you immediately.

Can I redeem my Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers with IT-University?

Yes, you can. IT-University’s is an official Microsoft Learning Partner. This makes it possible to attend Microsoft training courses and “pay” them with Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers. One voucher entitles you to one training day for one person. We like to help in customizing your IT training plans. We can immediately calculate the required number of Software Assurance Vouchers. Email us. We help you directly.

Satisfied? Tell others. Have a complaint? Tell us!

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and we will do anything to achieve this goal. In the unlikely event that something happens that you are not satisfied with about IT-University, we would like to hear about this immediately. We will do everything within reason to remove the dissatisfaction.

The user cannot login or has lost user name and password?

We have several login portals;  IT-University Online Academy, different catalogues, etc. All have a RESET Password option. You can reset the password yourself. Sometimes the renew password email will go to your SPAM folder. If you have trouble doing so, send us an email to ecoach@it-university.nl, we will reset your password and send you the new one.

I try to log in but receive message there is no user found with this email address

You need to make sure you login the IT-University Online Academy and use your login data you received by email after account activation.

What is the IT-University Online Academy portal?

All students and instructors have access to the IT-University Online Academy, a digital environment with all relevant information about your training courses. This may be practical information about the course, the content of the lessons or a module, the virtual lab environment, exercise questions, teacher support, knowledge groups, news and the possibility to communicate with other students.

Why do I have to login in different portals?

The IT-University Online Academy consists of several components, from different suppliers. This means passwords need to be changed for every component separately. You always first login IT-University Online Academy. Click on ‘Courses’ and you will find your training components.

How long does it take to complete an elearning course?

It depends on how much you want to study each day or each week, but when you learn some 15 hours a week it will take some 6 – 8 weeks to complete a module. (looking at the video / read eBooks / practice / making test questions) Experienced IT will need less time.

What is the content of a given elearning course?

After selecting the course, click on the ‘More Details’ button the view the course outline.

How can I receive demo login?

Click on the FREE DEMO button and send us your contact details. We will contact you to make the demo appointment. You can send your contact details via this chat session as well. We will forward them to our account manager.

Can I just look at the demo account?

No. We always explain it be sharing our screen. After this demo we will send the login details of the demo portal so you can take a look yourself and show it to your colleagues.

Is my IT training catalogue subscription renewed automatically?

No. It will stop when the bought licence reached the end date. Our account managers will send you a renewal offer to continue. You are free to decide what to do.

I want a certification advice to decide which training course to start with?

Give us your contact details. Our account manager will contact you and will give you a training advise including to learning form that suits you best.

What is happening during a FREE Demo you offer at the website?

Our account manager will schedule a demo appointment with you. More people can join. They can be located at different locations. For the demo we use Skype for Business. We will send a Skype invitation. We can also use Citrix GoToTraining when Skype is blocked for some reason. The account manager will share his screen to demonstrate our New Learning solution.

What can the New Learning do for me?

With the New Learning you can learn MORE for LESS money in a flexible way. So learn WHERE and WHEN it suits you best. Select your favorite learning for. You can start within a few days. Our eCoach and New Learning APP will create the perfect learning environment.

What is Virtual Classroom Plus?

Learn outside working hours, in a structured way with live teacher support during 5 2 hour virtual classroom evening sessions. These sessions are planned ones per week. During the week it´s up to you when you do your weekly homework. After 6 weeks you can be ready for the exam. At this time we only offer Microsoft courses via Virtual Classroom Plus.

What is PrePaid Teacher Support?

First you buy a PrePaid Learning credit for 5, for 10 or for 15 hours. The learning credit can be used for live teacher support. This support is planned and done via virtual classroom. You get support from a teacher that is experienced about the topic you requested. PrePaid Teacher Support is the ideal add-on for single elearning courses or the Blue Cable Basic catalogue.

What does the money back guarantee mean?

IT-University stands for 100% behind its products. We aim to inform our customers as well as about our products and services so that it is clear what you are going to buy in advance. Should you nevertheless don’t like the received product after your purchase, we offer the possibility tocancel your purchase and receive a 100% refund of the purchase price.
This 7 day money-back guarantee only applies to our elearning training courses; The 7 day money-back-guarantee needs to be used within 7 days after the login details are sent; This money-back-guarantee makes it more attractive to buy your IT training at IT University.

What does the eCoach do?

The IT-University eCoach is free of charge. It’s a real live person with only one goal; making your IT-University New Learning experience as placent as possible. You can email all your ecoach questions to ecoach@it-university.nl. The eCoach will answer by email, or will give you a call. The eCoach is also monitoring all the Usage Reports and will get into contact when we see no learning activities.

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