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Stop the ‘Old Learning’ and choose for ‘New Learning’!
What is the IT-University?
October 2011 the IT-University was started by Mark Bieckmann MM. Mark saw a lot of opportunities in the IT training market to succeed in The New Learning and first introduced the New Learning within the Dutch IT training market. The IT-University would like to be the institute who helps ambitious IT people to be professionally involved with the IT field. We focus on students, job-seeking school leavers, IT professionals and job-seeking IT professionals. We see it as our role to inspire, stimulate, share IT resources and bring our students in touch with each other in order to ensure that IT professionals are optimally prepared for the many changes within the IT field.  We do this through a wide range of activities, including the availability of the IT University Online Academy, the organization of webinars and conferences, the distribution of whitepapers, to name a few. In the meantime, IT-University can count many students, beautiful companies and organizations into their clientele, both in the Netherlands and in various other countries of Europe. IT University is an officially Microsoft Learning Partner from the start. The world around us changes quickly. Mark is constantly working with his team of staff to ensure that both the training offer and the way in which it is taught is in line with what our students demand. Therefore several new concepts are to come. For all you want to share with Mark, you can reach him via mark.bieckmann@it-university.nl
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Stop the ‘Old Learning’ and choose for ‘New Learning’!
IT-University actively applies ‘New Learning’, so as a student you can determine WHAT, HOW, WHERE and WHEN you wish to learn. Fully customized and with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. As a student at IT-University you use the most modern learning methods and you get the best teachers. All teachers at IT-University have widescale professional knowledge. These teachers are selected based on their educational qualities, professional knowledge and especially, their extensive practical experience. The latter is often lacking in teachers who have been teaching 100% of the time for a number of years now.
New Learning
IT-University is the IT-training company with the most experience in ‘New Learning’, because we were the first ones to start it in the Netherlands. Therefore, we know from experience what is required from the student, the manager and also from the IT training institute to make ‘New Learning’ a success. By choosing for IT-University as your IT-training company, you will profit from this experience and of the tools we have developed specifically for this, like the IT-University Online Academy platform, the eCoach, reports and IT-University ‘New Learning App’.
IT-University Online Academy
Every student of the IT-University can use the many advantages of the IT University Online Academy. The IT University Online Academy is the learning environment that IT University students have at their disposal during their training program. In addition to lots of content, training videos and ebooks, you can share knowledge at the IT University Online Academy through Knowledge Groups and the Forum, you will find New Learning Tips, many Practice Tests and you can hire the help of IT teachers. In addition to all content present, it is also a student-driven Online Academy which partly consists of the input of the students.
Every IT-University student who studies on the basis of ‘New Learning’ will be guided by our eCoach. The IT-University eCoach is a natural person and not a computerized tool. The objective of the eCoach is to make your training course a success by helping you set goals, draw up planning and monitor progress. Where necessary the eCoach will provide tips and render advice. This form of study guidance is included in the price. For many students, our eCoach provides just that extra bit of support to turn the educational course into (an even bigger) success.
Practice-based training
IT-University consciously elects to provide practice based training, by only working with experienced practical instructors and by making a virtual lab environment available for all students, in which the student can practice and perform the practical assignments. With the help of the many forms of learning, the student is able to gain more practical experience methods in less time working and for less money.
The most sold, is our IT University IT Training Catalog, which allows unlimited learning for a year. This gives you the most value for your money.

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